33 More Reasons to be Proud by Ruth Marie Jarman

The wait is over! Those who have been following Ruth in her articles for Monthly Bigaku will be more excited about this, however for those who have not read Ruth’s articles, her best ones have been compiled in one thorough volume! The recent publishing has been a major step forward for Ruth in her efforts to bring out the best in Japanese business and lifestyle for not only visitors but the Japanese themselves.


33 More Reasons to be Proud

 I personally will be reading the article very soon, and I look forward to getting further insight on Japan from someone who has been around the block a few dozen times.
In my opinion, Japan can, at times, seem like a very introverted nation; they have “their way” of doing things, and generally think it is incompatible with “other ways”. Although this is for the most part a stereotype, compared to other nations, Japan may not seem as bold and ambitious as others when it comes to foreign relations in business. However, they have a lot to offer and Ruth is doing what she can to let them know that now is the time to shine.

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And listen to her podcast to hear a great discussion of the book, and also Japanese society and politics.