David Lohrey

Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan:  About 4 years (Since 2019)
Employer(s): Private Contractor
Current Job Title: Freelance Writer
Area(s) of Expertise: Education, writing, cross-cultural awareness, contemporary literature
Education: Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley; Master of Arts from Cal State Los Angeles, Master of Science from National University, Ph.D. from Charles Sturt University
Language Ability: Basic Japanese;studied Spanish, Latin & Greek
Publications Featured In:  Featured In: New London Writers (UK), Sudden Denouement Publications (USA), Otoliths (AUS), Quarterday (Scotland), Backlash Press (UK), Dodging the Rain (Ireland), Collections of Poetry and Prose (South Africa), Lap Lambert (Germany)

David was born in New York but grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated from college in California and then spent 30 years there, mostly in Los Angeles. He earned his Masters at California State University while teaching high school English classes. He’s gained experience teaching all over the world including California, New Jersey, Saudi Arabia, and China. While in Saudi Arabia, David earned his Ph.D. from Australian University, Charles Sturt, in the English department. His dissertation was focused on post-colonial English literature. This also was completed while simultaneously teaching in Saudi Arabia at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

More recently, he and his wife moved to Tokyo. She is from Takamatsu. He came to Tokyo to continue his teaching career as an English teacher at a local university. He is semi-retired but continues to write and publish various pieces, chiefly poetry but also travel pieces. In his free time, David enjoys Japanese theater, specifically Bunraku, and also loves the interaction with the audience in Kabuki.

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan:  Safety, efficiency, civility, and decency. Also, students who are grateful and appreciative of his help as a teacher.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan:  Enjoys the Kansai area, especially the food in Osaka, and also loves Hokkaido for its spectacular mountain-high lake hotels.

What he has noticed has changed throughout his time living in Japan: It has become more common in Japan to switch between jobs and explore different career paths as opposed to sticking with one company for an entire career.

Favorite Place to Visit Outside Japan: Loves the deserts of the Middle East. He previously lived in Saudi Arabia and enjoys middle eastern cuisine like shawarma.

What has kept you in Japan: He enjoys teaching students in Japan as well as the affordable lifestyle.