Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima Island Spa

Hot spring therapy is popular in places like Iceland and certain areas of the US, but Japan with its wealth of geothermal natural resources is pretty much first class in terms of onsen (hot springs). The Enoshima Island Spa is tucked to the right just before the entrance to Enoshima Island (just over a walk bridge from Katase Enoshima station near Japan’s ancient capital Kamakura). Japan travel destination Enoshima Island Spa is great place to re-charge during your hectic business trip. Known as a Holistic Club for healing and health, the beige stucco building sits just above the ocean and you begin your healing experience as you walk through the automatic doors into the warm, softly lit, lightly fragrant first floor cafe. Boasting the only heated pool area with an actual onsen pool where guests can admire picturesque views of Mt. Fuji and the ocean with loved ones and friends (bathing suits are of course used on the pool floor), Enoshima Island Spa combines hot-spring, medical, macrobiotic food and environment therapy into a turn-key solution for weary business travellers and long term hard working international residents of Japan. Shiatsu foot massage, light aromatherapy massage, laser Water Pearl Show, Aufguss herbal sauna treatments, carbonated bubble bath, mineral-rich hot spring water from 1500 meters below one of Japan’s famed healing hot spots, cave pools and waterfalls? What more could you ask for a perfect day of rejuvenation just 80 minutes from down town Tokyo. Entrance fee is only 3,120 yen and night spa is only 1,932 yen so please stop by on your next trip to Kamakura or the Shonan Seaside. Note: children over six are welcome every day except Sunday and there is a strict no tattoo policy enforced on site (per national onsen operator guidelines). Children fee is only 1,296 yen. Enjoy a Spa Treatment at the best day spa Japan Style at Enoshima Island Spa!

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TEL +81 (0)466-29-0688 FAX +81 (0)466-25-0588
ADDRESS: Enoshima 2-1-6, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 251-0036

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