Rachel Nicholson

Rachel NicholsonNationality: American
Time Living in Japan: 12 years

Employer: Hiroshima City Hall / Self-Employed
Current Job Title: International Relations Specialist, Writer, Translator, Model, TV Personality

Areas of Expertise: Public Relations, Business Strategy, Event Planning, Japanese-to-English Translation, International Relations

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Japanese Language and Culture, University of Maryland)

Favorite Things About Living in Japan: Great public transportation- not having to rely on a car is absolutely wonderful! Also, high-quality products, and the simplicity of medical insurance coverage.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Enoshima where it’s so much fun to walk around and be a tourist.

BIO: Rachel graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Japanese Language and Culture and a minor in Creative Writing. After working as a translator for Hiroshima University in the International Affairs Department, she opened her own ‘Shokudo’ restaurant in downtown Hiroshima where she spent eight years running and managing the restaurant which included daily cooking, baking, drink-making, and customer service.

Rachel has long been translating and helping market Hiroshima’s ‘Evening of Kagura’ performances. These performances are marketed to inbound visitors to Japan. In 2019, Rachel began working as a translator for Hiroshima City Hall in the International Relations Department.

Additionally, Rachel also appears in a variety of Japanese TV shows, such as Hiroshima TSS’s Ikitagarino. She also manages an active social media network promoting Hiroshima’s food and drink scene under the pen-name ‘Hiroshima Food Snob.’ Rachel regularly collaborates with Jizo-Hat CEO Paul Walsh as a writer, translator, and model covering local food, new shops, products as well as events.

Social Media Links: Hiroshima Food Snob on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / GetHiroshima

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