Warren Arbuckle

Warren ArbuckleNationality: Canadian
Time Living in Japan: More than 30 years
Employer(s): Focus Cubed Inc.
Current Job Title: Managing Director of Focus Cubed Inc., Governor of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Japan
Area(s) of Expertise: Management Training, Executive Coaching, and Consulting
Education: Post-secondary
Publications Featured In: Nikkei Business
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The dynamic balance of cosmopolitan Tokyo and traditional Japan.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Camping at Motosuko.

BIO: Warren Arbuckle is fluent in both English and Japanese, with over 30 years of executive experience in Japan and the Asia Pacific. He has spent 15 years creating business development and innovation strategies, working with Fortune 500 companies, applying these in multicultural environments. His experience in training spans technical opportunity planning and project management to developing innovative value messaging skills for sales and marketing teams to facilitating strategic leadership sessions. His signature programs, ‘TeamPower, leveraging the rules of engagement for global business’ and its counterpart ‘ExecutivePower, being effective under pressure,’ were developed specifically for foreign companies operating in Japan. Both programs significantly increase confidence, capacity, and performance in a global business environment. Leveraging years of experience and a unique ability to blend western concepts with Japanese and Asian business realities, Warren works with executives who are looking to ‘raise their game’, boosting executive presence and performance in the global business settings.

Recently Published Work
Secrets of a Global Player, 2015, Amazon
Business Mapping, 2008, PHP