Tony Gregson


Nationality: British
Time Living in Japan: 20 years
Employer(s): Self-employed
Current Job Title: Freelance Editor and Proofreader

Area(s) of Expertise: Social and Business Networker
Education: Rugby School

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The people & culture, general levels of safety/security.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Used to be Karuizawa, but since I moved here, I never need to visit anywhere really!

BIO: Tony is an evangelistic promoter of Karadise (Karuizawa x paradise), sports enthusiast (player, not spectator), music lover, and a social butterfly! Relationship with Japan dates back to his first job in London (1983), cemented by his marriage (1994) and then moving to Yokohama in 1996. He has lived in Karuizawa since 2008 and loves it more with each passing year. A childhood based in Africa gave him a love of open spaces, and the discovery that they exist in Japan, and are not just affordable, but downright cheap, has been a revelation to him. Living on the foothills of an active volcano, in a seismically active zone in a country prone to typhoons has enhanced his respect and appreciation for nature, and there are few better places to really appreciate it than here — in Karadise.

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