Stuart O

Nationality:  Australia
Time Living in Japan: 35 years
Employer:  Stuart O
Current Job Title:  TV/Radio/Voices/Vocals/Stage/Screen/Sound.
Areas of Expertise:  TV/Radio/Voices/Vocals/Stage/Screen/Sound.
Education: Working in entertainment/media since the age of 7 (minus a 10-year hiatus in my 20’s) meant that I went straight from school into continuing in entertainment/media.

Language Ability:  English native, Japanese between Advanced and Native.

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Quality of life & superb career opportunities for a professional in my field.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Ebisu (Tokyo): drinking & dining/ The entire East Coast of Japan: sea, seafood, sake.


TV/Radio/Voices/Vocals/MC/Stage/Screen…the multifaceted career of Stuart O.

Stuart O has appeared on Japanese television regularly since returning to Japan in 2003, currently regularly appearing on NIPPON TV’s “GREAT WORLD TV” & NHK’s “READING JAPAN.” He has also played memorable roles in a number of TV dramas and major movies such as “NIHON CHINBOTSU” and “JUDGE” and has been nominated as Best Supporting Actor at both Seoul Webfest 2018 and Asian Web Awards 2018 for the movie “THE WHEEL.” Stuart O has also long been a fixture of various educational-entertainment TV shows such as “ PRE KISO EIGO,” “NEW HORIZON,” and other related content.

Stuart O has also voiced over 200 major commercial campaigns both domestically and overseas, as well as voicing many shows on NHK WORLD TV, such as the popular cuisine program “TRAILS TO OISHII TOKYO” currently on air in over 160 countries worldwide, and his extensive voice artist/narration resume includes NIKKEI-CNBC’s flagship program “CHANNEL JAPAN” as well as brand/corporate promotional content, and TV/radio spot promotional content. He currently hosts three radio shows, NHK’s “LIVING IN JAPAN,” “KISO EIGO 2,” and “FUJIMI ISLAND MUSIC.”

As a voice actor, Stuart O’s work includes lead roles in both NHK’s “SUSHITOWN” and “VEGGIE LIFE,” as well as voicing all of the male characters in Sanrio/BS-Fuji’s “LITTLE HELLO KITTY.” Major game voice acting roles include voicing ROBERT BAXTER in Bandai Namco’s hit TIME CRISIS 4 &TIME CRISIS 5, as well as roles in-game content for major gaming companies such as SEGA and GRASSHOPPER.

As a singer, Stuart O’s major works include “EXPLODE WITH THE RAGE” from the hit animation “KURO KAMI,” “CROW” from the hit Japanese movie “SYMBOL,” as well as many other animation and movie soundtracks, commercial campaigns, and collaborative performances and recordings with major Japanese recording/performing artists. His two recent original singles, “3 Eggs” and “Say Goodbye,” were released in late summer of 2022. As a live performer and DJ, Stuart O’s is in high demand for major events such as the 2019 IRB RUGBY WORLD CUP (in Japan) supporter events, entertainment events, sports events, fashion events, media events, family events, corporate events, foreign embassy events and chamber of commerce events. He also both performs at and produces many live events bringing his educational-entertainment TV show content to the stage.

Stuart was a Stadium MC/announcer for the TOKYO 2020 PARALYMPICS, 2019 IRB RUGBY WORLD CUP (in Japan) supporter events and regularly MC’s major events in both English and Japanese in such varied fields as food & drink, entertainment, sport, fashion, media, family, corporate, foreign embassies, Cool Japan and events promoting the “JAPAN brand.”

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