Sheila Ryan


Sheila Ryan

Nationality: American (Portland, USA)
Time Living in Japan: More than 25 years
Employer(s): Kyuden Business Front, Jarman-International
Current Job Title: translation, destination project manager

Area(s) of Expertise: Teaching, Translation, Proofreading, Audio Tour Guidance, SEO

Education: B.A., International Studies, Portland State University, 1992
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Everything, from the food to the safety to the walkability!
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Wherever new discoveries await.

BIO: Originally from Seattle in the USA, Sheila has spent most of her adult life in Japan. After retiring from a long career of teaching English full time, she is now devoting her energy toward assisting the inbound tourism industry. From translating and proofreading content to recording audio guides and researching hidden corners of Japan, she endeavors to make this peaceful and polite land the destination of choice for the discerning traveler as well as supporting new arrivals to make Japan an attractive place to work and live. Her hobbies include Japanese calligraphy (she finds it excellent practice for remembering Kanji) and jogging. She’s a “fun runner” with a goal of doing 5km a day, which may be the best antidote to her chocolate habit. You’ll find her at any good coffee shop or Kissaten, trying out a cake set!

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