Louise George Kittaka

Louise George Kittaka

  • Country of Origin: New Zealander
  • How long in Japan: 25 years
  • Skillset or area of expertise: Writer (news media, corporate content, educational content); cross-cultural specialist (university lecturer and corporate trainer); particularly interested in travel, education, cross-cultural issues and things related to the international community in Japan
  • Company name: Self-Employed
  • Job Title & description: Freelance writer and content developer
  • Language ability: English–native; Japanese–fluent speaker, and business-level reading & writing
  • Educational background / Degrees earned: BA in Japanese and Economics, University of Waikato, New Zealand; MA in Intercultural Studies, SUNY Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Favorite things about living and/or working in Japan: 1) Serendipitous surprises–you do not know what you will find just around the corner, and even after 25 years of living here, I still find things that surprise and delight me. 2) Professional attention to detail–when setting up a meeting or making arrangements for an event or project, you are assured that people will follow through and carry out tasks to the best of their ability.
  • Favorite Japanese places to visit and an activity you enjoy there: 1) Tono, Iwate Prefecture (home of the Kappa water sprite): ‘Hunting’ for the kappa at various spots around the area, hearing about the kappa’s history and mythology, and visiting the folklore village there. 2) Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture: Visiting all the beautiful waterfalls in the area (not just the famous Manai Falls, but many smaller ‘hidden’ spots)–I love waterfalls!
  • Bio:

Louise George Kittaka is a writer, contents developer, university lecturer and cross-cultural training consultant from New Zealand. After coming to Japan on work training, she subsequently met her Japanese husband and settled here.

Louise is a regular columnist and features writer for the Japan Times, Japan’s leading English newspaper, and also contributes to various other English media, including BBC Storyworks, GPlus Media, Campaign Asia, and Kansai Scene.

As a freelance writer and editor for Japan’s educational publishing sector, she has contributed to numerous textbooks, study courses, and national English exams.

Louise teaches in the Comparative Studies Department at Shirayuri Women’s University in Tokyo. She is also an independent cross-cultural training consultant, working with international families coming to Japan on corporate assignments and Japanese nationals moving abroad.

Louise speaks, reads and writes English and Japanese. In her spare time, she loves traveling (solo or with her family), karaoke, going to dessert buffets and collecting anything to do with the “Aliens” movies.