Linda Cordes

Linda Cordes

Linda Cordes
Iwakuni Foodie

Nationality: USA
Time Living in Japan: More than 25 years
Languages: English/Japanese

Job Title: Self-styled foodie facebooker

Area(s) of Expertise: Japanese food, gourmet Japanese food, local Japanese ingredients, and quality food shops and eateries around the Chugoku area of Japan.

Favorite things about living in Japan: The delicious foods, feeling safe, and that there are so many beautiful places to explore.

Favorite place & activity in Japan: The Shikoku/88 Temple Pilgrimage – I’ve seen parts of Shikoku I would have never otherwise visited if I wasn’t doing the 88 Temple Pilgrimage.

BIO:  Linda has been a long-time resident of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture but kept hearing people say how they didn’t feel comfortable going to restaurants or exploring outside the military base. It took her a few years to figure out how to make people feel more comfortable, but in 2011 she started a food-focused blog called Iwakuni-Foodie and the facebook page.

When Linda’s not working, she enjoys exploring Japan, eating great food, and taking beautiful pictures.