Kervin Go


Nationality: Filipino
Time Living in Japan: 15 years
Employer(s): Curvature Japan G. K.
Current Job Title: Country Manager

Area(s) of Expertise: IT Hardware and Services
Education: University Graduate, Industrial Management Engineering, De La Salle University

Publications Featured In: Network Magazine, Ascii.JP
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Tokyo is a very vibrant city, it has the old culture of old Japanese style as well as the fast pace lifestyle that can compete with a Hong Kong or Singapore which I have lived before. You can find almost anything in Tokyo, except for white sand beaches.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Nagasaki

BIO: An IT professional for 20 years, Kervin came to Japan right out of university in 1990. He came to like the culture and fitted into society as he has an Asian face. His favorite phrase is “Work Hard and Play Harder.” He’s a big animal advocate. He also volunteers as an emergency volunteer during a disaster period for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police force in Japan.

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