JJ Walsh

JJ Walsh


Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan: More than 25 years
Employer: Self-Employed
Current Job Title: Online Strategy Advisor & Content Creator at Jarman-International
Areas of Expertise:  English Education, Tourism Training, Content Creation, Inbound Travel & Sustainable Business Models, Photography, Online Marketing
Education: BA Psychology, MA TESL/TEFL, MA Sustainable Tourism
Publications Featured In: InboundAmbassador, GetHiroshima, Travel Websites, Academic Journals
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan:  The safety and ease of being able to live a peaceful, productive and healthy life

BIO: Originally from Hawaii, Joy came to Japan in ’91­ after graduating from university in California. She spent 3 years working in Kyushu on the JET program where she developed a love of triathlon and onsens. She then traveled around Asia and Europe for 2 years before returning to Japan to teach Business-English and Tourism content courses at the university level. Joy co-founded GetHiroshima in 1999, a regional website to cater to international residents and visitors. This expanded to creating a GetHiroshima city tourist map (2005~) and a GetHiroshima regional tourist magazine (2014-2018).

Joy has long been an active volunteer in Japan, Joy helps to organize regular beach-clean-ups in the Hiroshima area as well as volunteering whenever there is a disaster. She was an active volunteer in the clean-up efforts for the Hiroshima landslides (2014 + 2018) and created an international volunteer guide in English as an orientation for non-Japanese-speaking volunteers. In the past ten years, her research has focused on sustainable-tourism models of success. Her articles with a focus on sustainable innovation and case studies applied to inbound tourism which can be found on InboundAmbassador.

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