Jason Ball

Nationality: Australian
Time Living in Japan: More than 10 years
Employer(s): Pactera Consulting Japan
Current Job Title: Director, Business Development

Area(s) of Expertise: Business Networking, Connecting People, Niche Events, Sales, Business Development, Project Management, Market Entry, Strategic Introduction and Business in, with or in relation to Japan

Education: High School, Commercial Cookery, Microsoft Certified Professional
Publications Featured In: Deep Japan

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The people, safety, food, culture, and vibrancy.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Restaurants! Ever sharing, ever seeking, ever experiencing!

BIO: Jason is an Australian, living in Tokyo for 16 years+, working in Project Management, Consulting and Business Development. Keen networker in Tokyo & online. Over 4,400 direct Japan connections on LinkedIn alone, owns and runs a 57,500+ member LinkedIn community/group, within which there are nearly 20,000 Japan-based members … and striving to know every contact in Japan, in-person. (15,000+ direct on LinkedIn. A PROactive, Japan focused member since Feb 2004).

Jason is the Owner/Admin for LinkedIn’s largest Japan & Business focused group: Business In Japan. BIJ has more than 57,500 members worldwide, around 35% are Japan-based and we try to keep it free of spam, bland shared links & on topic. A companion Blog from key Japan contributors exists at http://www.businessinjapan.com

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