Jared Campion

Nationality: British Australian
Time Living in Japan: 14 years
Employer: Dream Drive
Current Job Title: CEO and founder
Areas of Expertise: Road travel, campervans, RV, Camping and tourism
Education: Cabinet making, Real estate sales and theology
Language Ability: English

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: I love the great outdoors and small towns throughout rural Japan, I think the best of Japan is away from the cities and that there are so many great spots to explore.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Heda, in Izu, water sports hiking/ onsen. Motosuko Camp Site near Mount Fuji, water sports, camping and hiking.

BIO: Jared grew up in the countryside of England, and his family owned a vintage VW campervan, his go to style of travel is roadtrips and feels that Japan is perfect for this style of travel.

Jared’s goal is to bring vanlife to Japan by building premium campervans and creating routes and educational content about how to travel via camper in Japan. Before founding Dream Drive in 2018, Jared managed a recruitment company with a focus on advertising, and is well connected with ad agencies and the creative community in Tokyo.

With the rise of electric cars/ and self-driving technology the automotive space is going to look very different in the next coming years, Jared wants to develop a new way to travel by building a hotel on wheels and then a new way to live.