Gizem Sakamaki

Nationality: Turkish-German
Time Living in Japan: 6 years
Employer: Foodie Adventure Japan
Current Job Title: Owner/Founder
Areas of Expertise: sustainable tourism, food diversity (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten-Free travelers), Inbound-Tourism, Japanese food trends, travel promo through social media marketing, fresh & fun approach to hospitality and tourism, community-building and event management
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Asia Studies

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The people, the natural beauty, the never ending adventure of exploring & of course, the food!
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: I am a huge fan of every bit of beauty Japan has to offer. I fell in love with Niigata & Nagano for snowboarding and Okinawa for living the best Japanese life!

BIO: Gizem Sakamaki is the creative mind behind Foodie Tours Japan. Gizem is Turkish, born in Germany, married to a Japanese. She has been living in Japan since 2015, after falling in love with Japan, working at a Ski Resort in the snowy mountains of Niigata in 2013.

Thinking outside the box and offering new approaches to problems with a can-do attitude, is one of Gizem’s strongest assets. Feeling strongly about environmental conservation, inclusion of marginalized communities and seeking win-win situations, she enjoys assisting remote areas with finding practical ways of positioning their assets and increasing sales.

Gizem is also a polyglot with an ongoing interest in learning new languages. She speaks German, Turkish, English, and Japanese fluently. Her mixed cultural background led to a broad understanding of intercultural communication, its difficulties, and its advantages. Her love for languages and the unknown made her a passionate traveler and eater.


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