Felix Walsh

Nationality: American and British
Time Living in Japan: Lived in Japan all my life (19 years) and worked in Japan for less than a year
Employer: Wolt Japan
Current Job Title: Support Associate: I started from September of 2021 and the main goal of this job is to keep the customers happy with the service that we provide. In simple terms I do customer support.
Areas of Expertise: Video editing, I hold both Japanese and western perspectives and outdoor activities
Education: International Baccalaureate High School diploma
Language Ability: Fluent in English and Japanese

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: You don’t have to worry too much about people stealing your stuff and the precisely timed trains and buses
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Going to Miyajima and going to Senjokaku. Snowboarding in Niseko, Hokkaido.

My greatest passions are to travel and skateboard. Furthermore, I am always attracted to the smallest details in things. I hope to work hard and try to make a positive difference in any situation possible.