Drew Sanford

Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan: More than 10 years
Employer: The University of Alabama & Kansai Gaidai University
Current Job Title: Professor and Coordinator of a study abroad preparation program
Areas of Expertise: International education, language acquisition, international and domestic travel
Education: The University of Memphis, B.A. in French, M.A. in Applied Linguistics
Language Ability: English (native), Japanese (conversational), French (proficient)

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Traveling to lesser-known places, meeting the local people, eating the local food, and drinking the local sake.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Hiking around the Shiretoko Five Lakes in Hokkaido. Enjoying an outdoor hot spring in Iya Valley in Tokushiima.

Drew has been an avid traveler for around 20 years. He has traveled to nearly 100 countries and has visited all 47 prefectures in Japan. He loves visiting the lesser-known corners of the country and meeting the local people. Some of his favorite spots include Shiretoko National Park (Hokkaido), Totsukawa (Nara), Shimanto River (Kochi), Mount Daisen (Tottori), Iya Valley (Tokushima), and Sado Island (Niigata).

Drew also has taken an interest in the sake culture of Japan. He is recognized by the Sake Education Council as a Certified Sake Professional and often combines his travels with visits to sake breweries and museums. Drew enjoys all types of sake but especially enjoys those made from omachi rice. Some of his favorite brands include Sharaku (Fukushima), Chochin (Aichi), Yokoyama (Nagasaki), Mimurosugi (Nara), and Ouroku (Shimane).

Drew also has a deep interest in Japan’s culture, history, nature, and hot springs. He is passionate about sharing his love for all things Japan and hopes to inspire others to visit or live here as well.

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