Divya Marie Kato


Nationality: British
Time Living in Japan: More than 10 years
Employer(s): Self-employed at When In Doubt, Draw
Current Job Title: Artist and Founder

Area(s) of Expertise: Art and Creativity, Drawing Classes and Creative Workshops, Events, Services

Education: BA, Fine Arts (Hons), United Kingdom

Publications Featured In: The Indian Express, Tokyo Families, Metropolis Magazine, BCCJ Acumen (British Chamber of Commerce Japan Magazine), In Touch (Tokyo American Club Magazine)

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The challenges and opportunities available here. Japan’s unique in two ways. It’s an incredibly advanced country in terms of infrastructure and cleanliness and has a rich history and culture. It also exists as something of a stand-alone entity, far away from the rest of the world and influences from other countries and cultures. I enjoy the high quality of life here; the city, the countryside, the four, distinct seasons and of course the food! I’m grateful everyday for the opportunity I’ve found here to do the creative work I love and for the friends and family I’ve found along the way. I aim to help open, not only the doors that exist inside the minds of individuals, but also in a larger, collective sense, Japan’s doors to the world and I believe the arts are a powerful way of doing exactly this.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: For the mountains: Coco Farm & Winery, Ashikaga and for the sea: Onjuku, Chiba.

BIO: Divya, of When In Doubt, Draw, is a British artist in Tokyo helping people reignite creativity at home and at work through drawing. She came to Japan 11 years ago to study the traditional arts and began teaching art before launching her own creative services business. She conducts drawing classes in Tokyo and together with her husband, Masahiro Kato, facilitates bilingual, creativity workshops for TEDx, LUSH Japan and FEW (For Empowering Women in Japan) where she currently serves as Vice President. Japan has become home to Divya and she shares both her love for this country and her passion for art as a language that inspires and influences change, though her daily ink pen drawings.

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