Chiara Terzuolo

Nationality: Italian-American
Time Living in Japan: 13  years
Employer(s): Freelancer
Area(s) of Expertise: Writing and editing for print and web, inbound marketing, consulting, social media, SEO, sake, MC
Education: Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies, Lawrence University, USA; 2009-2010 Fulbright Fellow, Kobe University, Japan; Master of Music Performance (Koto & Shamisen), University of London SOAS, United Kingdom
Publications Featured In: The Japan Times, Japan Today, All About, Atlas Obscura, Lonely Planet, Sake Today, InTouch Magazine

Recently Published Work
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Chiara has extensive experience in promoting Japan, working in marketing, content management, PR and as a freelance writer. She has published two books, “The Vegan Guide to Tokyo” and “Hidden Japan”. A fluent speaker of English, Italian, Japanese and French, she offers insights from both American and European perspectives, combined with a deep understanding of Japan and its culture.

In addition to her content work, Chiara is also co-anchor of the NHK program “Learn Japanese from the News,” as well as a professional singer, MC and narrator, regularly performing at hotels and events around Japan.

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The incredible public transport, shoutengai traditional shopping streets, and fresh tofu..

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Nagano

Favorite Place to Visit Outside Japan: New Zealand, Italy and France

What has kept you in JapanThe excellent public safety, health system and wonderful friends and colleagues

What you have noticed has changed throughout your time living in Japan: The dramatic rise in tourism and associated relaxing of formal rules that has allowed greater creativity and freedom in various industries.

Chiara Terzuolo

Chiara Terzuolo

Chiara Terzuolo

Chiara Terzuolo has been doing consulting work for Jarman International in Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku island in Western Japan. She writes,

Kochi Prefecture is tucked away in Shikoku, the smallest of all of Japan’s major islands, and is part of the 88 temples Buddhist pilgrimage route that crosses the island.

The sheer diversity of Kochi is rather stunning. You can spend the morning on gorgeous sand beaches, the afternoon by the crystal clear Shimanto River and the evening dining high in the mountains.
I love the direct connection between nature and food—as they produce some of the most delicious veggies I have ever tried (not to mention sake!)—and the local’s welcoming spirit towards visitors, influenced by the pilgrimage culture.