Biju Paul


biju paul

Nationality: Indian
Time Living in Japan: More than 20 years
Employer(s): TopTech Informatics
Current Job Title: CEO

Area(s) of Expertise: IT Consulting, Software Development, Network and Server Support, Data Center Management

Education: B.S.
Publications Featured In: Nikkei Business Weekly, Deep Japan
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The diverse people, the safety, the politeness and always willing to help attitude.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Hokkaido

BIO: Indian IT entrepreneur living in Japan over 20 years. Biju originally came to work in Japan as a software engineer and worked with major financial firms in Tokyo before starting his own company, TopTech Informatics. TopTech provides IT and network support services to SMEs in Japan and software development services. TopTech currently has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and India. Outside of work, Biju is active in cricket and is currently the president of the oldest Indian cricket club in Japan and is one of the organizers of the largest cricket tournament for foreign nationals in Tokyo.

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