Annie Chang


Nationality: Taiwanese
Time Living in Japan: 37 years
Employer: AC Global Solutions Ltd
Current Job Title: President
Areas of Expertise: Career consulting, job placements and women’s empowerment
Education: University
Publications Featured In: Japan Times, Asahi News, Nikkei, PC Magazine, ACCJ Journal, Daily Yomiuri, Think Global
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Dynamic and cosmopolitan working environment and a safe and convenient lifestyle.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Kyoto and Nara

BIO: Annie came to Japan from Taiwan for adventure, survived in a male-dominated society and became an entrepreneur. She has established three companies focus on recruitment, career consulting and computer training. She met her husband in Tokyo and started a family with twin daughters. Annie travels all over Japan to enjoy the rich culture, onsen, food and chatting with local people. Domestic travel is helping Annie recharge her energy in her day to day busy life. Annie is also an Advocator on women Empowerment with a technology focus and founded the Women in Technology Japan group.

Recently Published Work: 

  • Annie Chang was interviewed by the Japan Times on 1/28/2019 in the DIRECTORY OF WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD OF BUSINESS IN JAPAN section.