Alisa Kerr


Nationality: Australian
Time Living in Japan: 4 years
Employer: Tokyo Beauty Book
Current Job Title: Founder of Tokyo Beauty Book
Areas of Expertise: Beauty Industry, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing
Education: Monash University and Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

Publications Featured In: Savvy Tokyo, Japan Today
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Eating amazing food, skiing, visiting ryokan and onsen, and shopping for Japanese beauty products!
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Hokkaido in both summer and winter.

BIO: Alisa is an Australian marketing professional who moved to Tokyo with family in early 2013. During her time in Tokyo, Alisa has spent her time researching and experiencing the unique and innovative world of Japanese beauty. Over the past three years, Alisa has been a regular contributor to Savvy Tokyo, specializing in beauty related content. Then in April 2016, Alisa launched Tokyo Beauty Book, an English language website designed to provide both expatriates living in Japan and tourists with information about Japanese beauty brands, their unique products, how to use Japanese beauty products and where to buy them. Alisa is passionate about promoting the world of Japanese beauty through Tokyo Beauty Book, and with the audience of the website growing each month, it seems that plenty of others are interested too!

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