Alex Ike

Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan: More than 13 years

Employer(s): Fortune 500 American Multinational Software Company
Current Job Title: Business Strategy and Operations Manager

Area(s) of Expertise: Project Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Operations, BPO, Change Management, etc.

Education: Bachelor Degree in Psychology (University of Washington) and Computer Science (Eastern Washington University)
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Being surrounded by limitless opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: I consider Matsuyama, Ehime my second home, with Hakone and Tohoku coming in second.

BIO: Alex is a second generation Japanese American from Washington State. He first came to study in Japan (Nara) during middle school and fell in love with the culture, people, food and Judo. Alex maintains a steady work/life balance and enjoys golf, boxing, cooking, eating and drinking wine and volunteers in his spare time to help out in the local community.