Adam Fulford

Nationality: British
Time Living in Japan: More than 35 years
Employer(s): Fulford Enterprises, Ltd.
Current Job Title: CEO
Area(s) of Expertise: Language Consulting, Community Development
Education: BA, English and Linguistics, Nottingham University
Publications Featured In: Provides language services for various NHK TV shows that are shown in Japan and around the world, ACUMEN (British Chamber of Commerce in Japan magazine)

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The people, their stories, their products, their open minds, their sense of fun and humour.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Nakatsugawa in Yamagata. But just about everywhere’s interesting if you’re there with the right people.

BIO: Adam was born in rural England and came to Japan in 1981. He and his company work mainly for NHK. He’s served as a language consultant for various NHK TV shows including Eigo de Shaberanaito, Eigo de Asobo and Super Presentation, supported in-bound tourism in various ways and served as a community consultant for Nakatsugawa in Iide-machi (Yamagata) from 2014-2016. His ultimate objective is to record the personal memories of elderly people all over Japan. He believes that aspects of what they have experienced over decades of rapid change in very diverse circumstances can serve as a valuable source of guidance for people in analogous circumstances all over the world. He launched an activity called the Walkshop as a way to spread awareness of the value of traditional East Asian culture, and to encourage people representing a broad range of expertise and experience to visit the Japanese countryside and listen to the voices of village elders.

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