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Deep Japan is a brand new website venture to help visitors to Japan experience all the fun, culture and excitement of Japan’s “local” side. Want to know what condiments at the ramen shop go best with shoyu ramen as opposed to tonkotsu ramen? Want to know how to ask to use the restroom in a Japanese convenience store? Your Deep Japan Senpais will post countless tips and advice about how to enjoy your visit to Japan.

Jarman International KK

Jarman International KK

After 27 years in Japan and working solely inside Japanese companies, CEO Ruth Jarman Shiraishi ( 日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと ) developed Jarman International to offer you the best in accommodation (serviced apartments and residential hotel), turn-key relocation services, business networking opportunities, office design and project management, a deeper take on Japan travel, Tokyo investment property information as well as all her insight into how business works and succeeds in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Jarman International Partners

Jarman International Partners

Our network of partners provide you with turn-key business services to support your success in Japan. We bring you a rotating roster of complimentary and wholly unique partner companies to answer your requirements for success in Japan. Our business partners include, Akasaka Real Estate, Enoshima Island Spa, Smart City/Social Innovation 2014, Hotel and Residence Roppongi Serviced Accommodation, Midas Company Limited, H&R Group, and the HRM Association. We can also help with connecting you to opportunities and key people within the ACCJ (American Chamber of Commerce in Japan).

Japan Technology Report - Jarman International

Japan Technology Report

Japan Technology Report (JTR) Becomes First English Language Resource for Technology and Strategy inside Japan’s Manufacturing Sector

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