Smart City Week: Various Exhibitors

Exhibitors of all sizes and scale, all equally important, made SCW 2013 a memorable event.

In addition to the major exhibiting corporations at Smart City Week such as Nissan and Hitachi, various smaller constituents were present at the event, truly symbolizing that various pieces make the whole in the effort to reconfigure urban lifestyles.

Solar Energy

The Super Solar Panel isn’t just a clever name; it really is super. Until now, solar panels were restricted for the most part to when the sun was shining, and even then, we only achieved conversion efficiency of at maximum 20%. This new design from a new company Green Frontier based in Shizuoka makes use of a facility’s hot water to supplement the functionality of a solar panel and effectively increase the efficiency to over 50%.

ssp diagram


Advances in smart technology to improve our urban lifestyles can’t go unaccompanied by entertainment. In the age of smart phones, two particularly useful inventions for the way most people entertain themselves these days were on display:

The portable speaker
This nifty speaker provides all around solid sound, including lower bass frequencies, yet doesn’t actually require any batteries. To top it off, it boasts a very cool rustic design.


Just plug right into your device and enjoy

The Biolite Campstove
Another very unique creation to keep our devices going was this personal charging station. In addition to being a fully fuinctional camping stove for boiling water or cooking food, this gadget actually has a stove attached to a battery unit that can generate a source of power for any USB device you have. This is ideal for camping, as you can just add in hot coals from a camp fire, or simply collect twigs and wood scraps to light and add to the stove, and all of a sudden you have an independent charging station.

bio lite charging stove