Smart City Week: Convention Reception

The forefront of the global smart city industry

The first day of the convention was bustling with activity throughout the exhibition area; Exhibitors eager to showcase their new technologies and projects they are involved with. Trend seminars happening right on the exhibition floor giving attendants a chance to see and hear first-hand the innovations making industry as we know it more efficient every step of the way.

In order to welcome the high concentration of expertise and industry leaders in both the Japanese and international market, we were invited to a very special reception in the Intercontinental Hotel event space next to the Pacifico Yokohama convention center.

International attendees and delegations were welcomed to network with the largest players in the Japanese technology industry, and were greeted cordially by a speech from the president of Nikkei BP, Mr. Kohei Osada. Ruth Jarman Shiraishi was there to provide English interpretation of Mr. Osada’s welcome speech for the many international visiting guests at the reception party.


After the speech, which gave a brief recap of the history of the event in collaboration with the various media outlets and publications of Nikkei, each of the primary representatives of the international delegations came and gave a brief introduction. All in all, it was very much like a pep rally to have a dynamic rest of the week of networking, and becoming knowledgeable of the smart projects emerging throughout the developing world. We heard introductions from representatives from Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Slovenia, Sweden, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Fiji, although in total an estimated 140 countries were present at the event overall.


Fiji representative


sweden and ruth

Sweden representative

The reception was a great chance for all to feel connected in a lively and comfortable atmosphere; not to mention the excellent dining. Everyone was very pleased and we were thrilled to kick off the week with such a stellar welcoming ceremony from Nikkei BP.

welcome reception