Smart City Week 2014 and The City of Yokohama

Nikkei Business Publication’s upcoming event, Smart City Week 2014 will provide a forum for Japan and other countries to contemplate social issues, form partnerships with corporations and to consider possible new technologies and solutions that may help to resolve these issues.  It will be held at the Pacifico in Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

The City of Yokohama is a very fitting host for Smart City Week.  It is it is one of four cities in Japan to be involved it a Smart City Project, which aims to develop models of  successful ‘smart cities’ for Japan and the rest of the world.  Under the project, Yokohama is striving to transform itself into a low-carbon city through a new City Energy Management System based on the use of renewable energy and changing the way energy is used both residentially and commercially.  Detailed information about this project can be found here.