Smart City Speakers Oct. 23rd

The second major day of seminars during Smart City Week will incorporate the over-arching discussions of new technologies and macro-approaches from the previous day, and shift the discussion to practical application in city innovation.

Big data and how it will affect the way we work, much in the same way it has affected our social interactions, will be the center of discussion in this seminar led by Mr. Shinji Asakara:

Realizing unbreakable social infrastructure


Industrial Internet is a key phrase, and in addition to the integration of wireless interactions between the household and the consumer, immediate updates and control of heavy machinery and energy distribution for example will be the next step in making industry more efficient.


Another seminar on this day will be a fantastic source of insight for top-down visualization of smart city methods. From the municipal leaders down to the consumer, government efficiency at every level can be improved with new technologies and planning methods.

Private companies running cities? The Sandy Springs shock

McDonough-Sandy springs

City Planner John McDonough of Sandy Hook, Georgia will give an overview of the steps his city is taking to improve government efficiency, as well as citizen satsifaction. We can have both if we actively shift our city planning methods to incorporate smarter and cleaner technology, and implement priority based budgeting.


October 23rd will mark the first day of the exhibition at Smart City Week. The morning can be spent observing new technologies, and seeing the creative approaches both small and large companies will be taking to make urban life more efficient. The latter portion of the day will provide the seminars and speeches to put everything into a nice comprehensible outlook for the immediate future.

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