Smart City Week Speakers, 1

A number of insightful seminars and lectures will be available at Smart City Week

The conferences and exhibition play an equally important role in the upcoming event, and this is intended to give you an overview of the flow of seminars and lectures. This is the thinking and planning behind the implementation of the exciting new techniques and technologies to be seen at the exhibition.

10/22 Tuesday


Electric vehicles – bringing value beyond transportation to city innovation

Shiga, Nissan

Things will start off on the right foot with a lecture from Nissan Motor Co.’s Toshiyuki Shiga, who is currently the chief operating officer and in charge of Nissan’s efforts toward zero emission vehicles. With this lecture, we can finally begin to see the reality of electric cars as a major part of our infrastructure, and not just transportation.

The distribution industry’s view of city building and community development: AEON’s environmental and social contribution activities

Hirabayashi, Aeon

With Hidehiro Hirabayashi’s input, we will begin to see the shift toward smart cities from a commercial distributor’s standpoint, as well as the shifts being made in this field to accommodate changes.



The conferences will be in Japanese with available English interpretation. And considering that the registration and attendance is free, this is a great chance to get a straight and informative outlook on the future of two major city elements in the coming smart world. Cars for one are making the shift to not only a clean and reliable form of transportation, but also a key element of energy sharing via charging stations and household energy management; the cornerstone of energy recycling in fact.Also, seeing how major distributors will be making policy shifts to slowly incorporate more and more smarter products into their lineups, as well as make overall more efficient and integrated shopping centers will be an excellent precursor to the exhibition to begin the next day.

See the full list of bilingual seminars here.

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