Jarman International Smart City Week Support

Jarman International, doing our best to foster international relations with a smile

International Support Desk

This year at the Smart City Convention was the first time to feature an International Support Desk, staffed with international volunteers. This was still in the experimental stage as each year presents a new opportunity to consider how to better receive the international community at Smart City Week. But overall our presence set the mood for international support in the years to come.

We had a lively staff of volunteers, and we were well coordinated in being available for international support of any kind, including language assistance. While not on shift, our volunteers took to the convention floor to both make use of the networking opportunities, as well as provide on-site language support and guidance.

This experimental international desk gave us great insight as to how we can better serve the international visitors to the convention. issues with registration, questions about the content of the exhibits, and even info of the surrounding amenities of the Minato Mirai area were all fielded effectively, and we look forward to making an even stronger presence next year as the international community both at Smart City Week and the smart city industry in Japan continues to grow.

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Assistance with Papua new Guinea

We were fortunate this year to have members of the Papua New Guinea embassy present at Smart City Week. Papua New Guinea’s mineral and fuel resources speak of a positive future for the area, but in this age of development, smart measures to preserve the environment and implement only the most minimal cutting edge infrastructure are beginning to take shape. Papua new Guinea has many areas that do not have running water, and as the smart industry utilizes the natural infrastructure to enrich the economy, water solutions that have been introduced in other developing nations are priority for the social infrastructure.

Jarman International in addition to international facilitation also took charge of the Papua new Guinea exhibition booth, which offered Japanese and international attendants a chance to see literature on some of the smart projects underway in the Papua new Guinea fuel and mineral industry.
the exhibition booth of papua new guinea at smart city week 2013 papuanewguinea2