H&R Group – Your Guide to Golden Week

Golden Week 2014 will soon be upon us in Japan.  Usually it runs from April 29th – May 5th, however this year there is a bonus day as Green Day (May 4th) falls on a Saturday, so instead will be observed on May 6th.  Golden Week is extremely precious to the Japanese workforce as it allows them to have up to ten consecutive days of rest.  However, there are much more meaningful reasons behind these national holidays than simply being an opportunity to take a vacation.  To find out what Golden Week is really all about, visit The H&R Group’s article, What Is Golden Week? featured on the Japan Info Swap website.

With many Tokyo residents taking advantage of the Golden Week period as a chance to take an overseas trip or visit tourist areas in other parts of Japan, Golden Week can be a great time to explore Tokyo.  Some suggestions for exploring Tokyo during Golden Week 2014 have been listed on Japan Info Swap here.

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Photo – Flickr “Carp Streamers in Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan” By OiMax (CC BY-SA 2.0) – Modified