Leo Kominz


Nationality: American-Japanese
Time Living in Japan: More than 5 years
Employer(s): Self-employed
Current Job Title: Freelancer
Area(s) of Expertise: Media

Education: Bachelor Degree

Publications Featured In: Courrier Japon, Tokyo Shinbun, Huffington Post Japan

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Food, sento/onsen, food, local specialty shops, food. Did I mention food?
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Anywhere there’s good food.

BIO: Leo is half American half Japanese and originally from Portland, OR, USA. He’s native in both English and Japanese. He worked at a TV Station in Tokyo before conducting a personal project called “World in Twelve” where he compared daily life in 12 cities around the world while staying in each for one month. Now he works as a freelance director/writer and is currently in the process of launching his own media platform.

Recently Published Work