Kevin Riley

Nationality: Canadian
Time Living in Japan: 24 years
Employer: onTrack Homeschooling
Current Job Title: Owner
Areas of Expertise: Teaching (numerous subjects in international high school), mechanical engineering (university education), construction (2×4 houses), video creation (esp. tutorials), cooking (recipe creation)
Education: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Language Ability: English, Japanese, Swiss-German

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: I love the people and food of Osaka. My Osaka friends are a wide variety of people, and they’re always fun. As for the food, I can never tire of nabe, okonomiyaki, yakiniku, miso soup, and many other fantastic foods.

Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: One of my favourite places to visit is Hokkaido. We love staying in Otaru, having breakfast in the Sankaku Ichiba fish market, and going for long drives on the Shakotan Peninsula. In my own area around Osaka, I try to go hiking once a week and love exploring the countryside, mountain trails, small villages, and other spots around Kansai.

BIO: Kevin Riley grew up in a small village in the Swiss Alps, and moved to Canada as a child, where he lived on a large cattle ranch in Kamloops, BC. Kevin built up a wide variety of experience while living in Canada – working as a cowboy, building houses, installing signals on the CN railway, working on a commercial fishing boat, and running a number of small businesses.

In 1996, Kevin first came to Osaka to build a Canadian 2×4 house. For the next five years, Kevin built houses all around Osaka, Nara, and Kobe. When the construction industry went into an economic slump, Kevin started teaching and running his own online business. Recently, he was teaching math, biology, physics, world history, and other courses at the YMCA International High School. Currently, he is creating learning videos and supporting materials for use by homeschooling parents with their middle school children.

Kevin is involved in many activities and hobbies in the Osaka area. He is a volunteer member of the Japan Bear & Forest Society, and has worked in Hyogo to help rebuild forest habitat for bears. Kevin goes hiking weekly all around the Kansai area, participates in airsoft survival games, practices boxing at a local gym, creates and cooks an eclectic collection of recipes (which he shows on his YouTube channel), and photographs interesting details around Kansai (which he displays on his Instagram account).