Charlie Moritz

Nationality: British
Time Living in Japan: 9 Years
Employer: Self-Employed
Current Job Title: Content Marketing Director, Videographer, YouTuber
Areas of Expertise: Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Photography, Videography, Editing, Graphic Design
Education: BA in Philosophy with Psychology from University of Warwick, UK Class of 2010
Language Ability: English

Favorite Things About Living in Japan: The incredible opportunities, the mix of the historical with the modern, respect for cultural heritage, and the wonderful train system (much better than in my home country).
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan:
I love Nagano more and more every time I go. The nature, mountains and slowness remind me of the British countryside and feels like home.

BIO: My passion for my work drives me to create higher quality and better work than all of the competition. No matter what the subject, I want to win, build and create something that makes people take notice.

Some great recent examples are:

  • Coffee – from knowing almost nothing in 2016, to teaching myself all about espresso, starting a channel and now having over 1m video views.
  • Videography and Photography – after getting some views on my videos for being informative and educational, I wanted to up my production values. I learned how to do great lighting, to get great sounding audio and how to edit video like a pro.
  • Teaching – when I struggled with a new international preschool job that had no training or preparation, I taught myself Montessori Method and became a much better teacher, and was hired a year later by the world famous Fuji Youchien in Tachikawa.
  • Podcasting – I love talking about complex topics, and currently host the Inside Japan podcast, where I talk to people who have inside knowledge that would be hard found anywhere else. Podcasting has taught me about audio and editing, the technology and production skills, which are now invaluable in the work I do for my clients.

I got interested in entrepreneurship in 2017 and was a big part of the startup scene in Tokyo before Covid. My first business was a website called Live Work Play Japan, which is full of articles that solve big problems for foreigners in Japan, like how to earn more money, avoiding struggles with housing or taxes, and navigating the cultural landscape at work and with new friends.
Now my goal is to use my wide range of skills in marketing, content creation and writing to help my clients and partners to better display their amazing work to a bigger audience.

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