Bianca Himmelsbach

Nationality: German
Time Living in Japan: More than 11 years
Employer(s): Self-Employed
Current Job Title: Freelance Marketing Consultant, Marketer & Content Creator
Area(s) of Expertise: International/intercultural marketing & business
Education: BA in International Business Administration
Languages: Fluent in English & German, Advanced in French & Spanish, Business Level in Japanese.
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Learning new things and seeing them from a different perspective and getting opportunities one wouldn’t get in his home country. Japanese food, culture and safe environment.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Kyoto: discovering the more traditional Japan; Tokyo: exploring the modern Japan; various places in the countryside: enjoying nature, local food & relaxation.

BIO: Born and raised in Germany with a keen interest from early age in discovering new things -people, food, cultures and more as well as traveling. Living and enjoying Japan since 2009 while working as marketing professional responsible for the APAC region at various international companies, since 2017 self-employed as freelance marketing consultant, marketer & content creator. Discovered various parts of Japan and has lived in Shiga, Kyoto, Tokyo and Nagoya.