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This page presents recent updates from Ruth Jarman Shiraishi on important points to consider when doing business in Japan. These Japan Travel Videos are in either Japanese or English and we post when we feel we have found another hint at successful business building in Japan and the world.

Published on Mar 2, 2013

Japanese Toothpick Secret for Better Manners

I always feel bad for the wait staff who have to touch used chop sticks or toothpicks on the plate. Well, for chopsticks we can put them back in the paper but for tooth picks I always wrap them in a napkin or put them back in the paper with the chopsticks. Now, I realize you take of the end and you can place your toothpick on the tray or plate to make it stay off the plate and easier to clean up. Maybe it seems unnecessary, but this kind of little detail is fun to find!

Published on Jan 13, 2013

Yumemi Massage Therapy and Gaiya Relaxation Bed at Enoshima Island Spa

Ready to have all the stress and fatigue shiatsued right out? The Enoshima Island Spa Yumemi Salon will offer rest, relaxation and the holistic treatment via massage, rest and the Gaiya relaxation bed. Included in our 20,000 yen special Spa Day package, please contact to make a reservation at least three days in advance.

Published on Jan 13, 2013

Enoshima Island Spa Benten Spa: Perfect Aromatherapy 60 minutes from downtown Tokyo

Ready for a professional aromatherapy massage? Add to your day spa experience at the Enoshima Island Spa with a relaxing massage in perfect, private surroundings. Check out the massage room here, one of five with various themes to help you escape just a bit from the bustle of busy Tokyo life. Both men and ladies are welcome to enjoy this wonderful facility with friendly, professional staff.