Trevor Campbell












Nationality: Canadian
Time Living in Japan: 1 year
Employer(s): ECC Foreign Language Institute
Current Job Title: Kanto Media Coordinator
Area(s) of Expertise: Design, Business Consulting, Travel Journalism, Urban + Cultural Theory
Education: Master of Design from York University, Bachelor of Music Theatre from Sheridan College
Publications Featured In: Metropolis Magazine (Tokyo), NOW Magazine (Toronto), Static Zine (Toronto)
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The attention to detail found in many aspects of Japanese culture has helped make this country one of the most spectacular visual environments in the world. From its gorgeous food and drink to its masterful transit wayfinding, Japan visually stimulates in a way that always makes a lasting impression.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Enoshima

BIO: Trevor is a Tokyo-based designer, writer, and sociocultural + creative strategist. He recently completed the Master of Design program at York University with a focus on unconventional city branding, public exhibition and visual storytelling within dense urban frameworks. In addition to five years as a designer and marketing + communications coordinator for Canadian Stage, he has worked with Design Exchange, NOW Magazine, Caravan Stage Company, and the NDP (New Democratic Party of Canada), as well as many artists, organizations and entrepreneurs.

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