Train to Globalize

As Japan continues to bring in more and more foreign tourists and residents each year, the call to globalize has never been stronger. Jarman International can help you take advantage of the many opportunities available to continue developing your businesses into one with truly global reach and influence. We offer training services for companies large and small to help them better connect with an international customer base and grow with confidence.

Austin Auger

Leading our training efforts is the head of JI Train to Globalize, JI Core 50 member and Jarman International associate Austin Auger and our founder, Ruth Marie Jarman. Both Austin and Ruth are seasoned marketing and business development professionals with decades of experience working with businesses, organizations and local governments throughout Japan and abroad.

They bring an in-depth knowledge about bridging eastern and western business culture to help our clients connect with new customers from around the globe and approach new partnerships with confidence. From communication and operations strategies to branding and building an online presence, they can help you better understand the needs and expectations of international customers, which is essential for continued development. Austin and Ruth work with members of our JI Core 50 network to provide a personalized training experience for each client.

Ruth Marie Jarman

What is JI Train to Globalize?

Our program helps provide awareness as to how typical Americans, Japanese and other cultures behave and that behaviors impact on each other’s businesses. We’ll teach you how to bridge the gap to create a win – win process to succeed in cross culture business engagements.

Step 1: Bring awareness of cultural differences such how …

… Communication is being provided
… Communication is being understood
… Decisions are being made
… Risks in conducting businesses are tolerated
… Challenges are being solved
… Individual responsibilities/roles are approached
… Relationships between people and companies are valued and looked upon

Step 2: Provide knowledge of how to reduce cultural differences and bridge the gap.

Step 3: Implement strategies to reduce these issues and successfully conduct business.

Ruth conducts a training session with JR Access.

Services Provided

  • Help with how to handle business situations in English. The mindset behind business with internationals and how to express yourself and your ideas in English in a more effective way.
  • Management training on how to handle various cultural backgrounds in the workplace.
  • Workshops on how to work with international teams for successful alignment with goals and vision of the Japanese headquarters.
  • Community revitalization, examples of success and future challenges.
  • Japanese and non Japanese communication differences and how to overcome these challenges.
  • Legal challenges and risk management advice for Japanese companies ready to go international.
  • Empowering and encouraging women amid cultural and language differences. Helping women in the workplace thrive.


JI professionals are ready to work with you where you are.

Adam Fulford addressing the HRM Association about his experience in the revitalization of local Japanese communities.

Who can benefit from training with Jarman International?

Through our JI Train to Globalize program, we’re able to work with staff at all levels of:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government institutions
  • Small businesses
  • Multinational corportations
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Tourism associations
  • Local community associations
  • Chambers of Commerce and other business associations


Austin leading one of his JAL training sessions.

Austin has conducted training in a range of topics from Business Culture (How to Succeed Working Across Business Culture) to Project Management, Diversity and Communication for a variety of institutions, organizations and companies including:

  • Universities: Japan (Kantogakuin Univerisity); Italy (LIUC University); USA (Temple University, LSU, Southern Connecticut State University)
  • Government Organizations: Embassy of Switzerland, Tokyo Japan; Embassy of Papua New Guinea, Tokyo, Japan; United States Navy, Yokosuka Naval Base, Kanagawa, Japan
  • NGO Organizations: Society of American Military Engineers – Okinawa, Japan; Rotary Club, Tokyo, Japan; HRM Kyokai, Tokyo, Japan
  • U.S. Corporations: Shaw Global Services, CB&I, Westinghouse, APTIM, DAVE’s company, EXXPlus, Energy Solutions
  • Japan Corporations: Japan Airlines, Sony, Suntory Beverages, Takenaka Koumuten, IHI, Chiyoda Corporation, Toyo Engineering, Maeda Corporation, Murata Seisakusho, Toppan Printing, TEPCO, The Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC)


Ruth addressing University Students about all the opportunity in Japan’s Globalization.

Ruth’s lectures and training sessions have included:

  • Yonago Sakaiminato Club: Ruth addressing a group of executives in Shimane Prefecture about the Globalization and business opportunity there in.
  • Himeji City: Ruth presented to executives in Himeji about opportunities posed by Japan’s increasing tourism market and how to leverage these opportunities.
  • Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry: Ruth trained business owners in Yokohama about how to face the challenges and changes brought to Japan by the growing inbound market.
  • Biwako Visitors Bureau: Ruth spoke with business leaders and government officials in Biwako, Shiga Prefecture about business opportunities presented by Japan’s growing tourism sector.
  • Japan National Tourism Organization: Ruth speaks in Fukui about how local business can leverage opportunities in the growing inbound tourism industry.


Professionals on the JI Core 50 team.

To learn more about our training programs with Ruth, Austin and other able members of the JI Core 50 team, please contact us for further details. We’re ready to learn more about your business and plan the best plan to help your team succeed. Find more information about our talented network of professionals by checking out the JI Core 50.

Communication across cultures is today’s key to Growth. JI Train to Globalize can help you get there.