Timothy Connor












Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan: More than 30 years
Employer(s): Newport, Ltd. and TMC International
Current Job Title: Managing Director
Area(s) of Expertise: Consumer Products, Marketing Strategy, Luxury Goods, Customer Experience, Legal and Compliance, IT
Education: M.B.A., Duke University Fuqua School of Business; B.A., Finance; B.A., French University of St Thomas
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: There is positive opportunity everywhere, if you look.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: The ocean and beach.

BIO: Timothy is a recognized expert in customer experience, across all channels from real to online to voice. He has deep experience in both venture and established businesses, Japanese traditional industrial business, and foreign owned business. With his broad knowledge across marketing, strategy, legal, tech, and finance, Timothy is able to take an idea, refine the concept, develop a business model, outline a go to market plan, and then build a team to make it a success. He is also a frequent lecturer in Venture Management at Globis Graduate School of Management.

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