Paul Walsh

Nationality: British
Time Living in Japan: More than 20 years
Employer(s): Hiroshima University of Economics
Current Job Title:  助教
Area(s) of Expertise: History, Language, Outdoor, Vegetarian Needs, Internet Marketing, Social media
Education: MA in Japanese Studies from University of Sheffield, JLPT Level 1, BA Hons in History from University of Bristol
Publications Featured In: Bangkok Airways Inflight Magazine, Fah Thai, Hong Kong Express Inflight Magazine, トレイルランニングマガジン #9, GetHiroshima Mag,,,
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: Great people, great food, the mountains, picturesque islands, big cities and tiny villages, crazy nightlife and tranquil forest shrines. Love it all.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: The mountains!

BIO: Life in Japan is what you make of it, and, whether representing his prefecture in the grueling 10 day Kyushu Isshu Ekiden road relay or touring the country with an avant guard musical ensemble, Paul has always thrown himself into the thick of it. Japan has given him so much and he’s now on a mission to share all it has to offer far and wide. As well as a full-time faculty member of Hiroshima University of Economics, he’s a co-founder of and editor in chief of the GetHiroshima Magazine. He loves exploring the Japanese countryside, all the better if he can do it on foot or by bicycle. Even after more than two decades, he feels like he’s barely scratched the surface.

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