Kusatsu Onsen

To many Japanese and to those who have lived in the country at length, Kusatsu Onsen needs no introduction. Located in Gunma Prefecture about 200 kilometers north-northwest of Tokyo, Kusatsu Onsen has been rated one of the top ten hot springs in Japan for 12 consecutive years, as well as the number one hot spring in Japan by Japan’s top travel agents for 10 years running. Famed for its unrivaled natural spring waters, Kusatsu Onsen welcomes over three million visitors each year who also come for its nearby ski slopes, hiking trails, and parks.

Marvel at Kusatsu town’s signature Yubatake (Hot Water Field), where you can watch steaming hot water gushing out from somewhere deep within the earth through wooden channels into a beautiful pool of azure green. Or attend their Yumomi (water stirring) performance, a traditional water-cooling ritual where audience members can take part in! Nestled in picturesque mountains, Kusatsu Onsen boasts the largest flowing water volume of all hot springs in Japan.

Kusatsu Onsen and the nature that surrounds it can be enjoyed all year round; with a population of only 7,000, Kusatsu Onsen welcomes some three million tourists every year. So if the thought of spending hours relaxing in various beautiful hot springs appeals to you, then why not visit? Book as early as you can though, being rated the number one hot spring in Japan means everyone else is already on their way!