JR East Environment Acceess

JR East Environment Acceess

JR East Environment Acceess is a corporation of JR East Japan that is engaged in building maintenance business, environmental business, station cleaning business, general operation business, and more. Keeping “cleaner and gentler” as its motto, the corporation has been working to maintain and improve the local environment, such as stations and commercial buildings, ever since its founding in 1963.

[Business description] – Building maintenance business: Total coordination of spaces through various services such as cleaning, facility management, security management, and so on.

– Environmental business: The company continues to contribute to the society as a waste disposal business operator in the JR East Group, generally for the reduction of CO2 emissions and fulfillment of a resource recycling society.

– Station cleaning business: Considering cleaning as a “preparation for welcoming customers”, the company provides services such as station cleaning as well as train interior cleaning, to promote overall customer experience.

– Operation business: Management of convenience facilities such as coin lockers, public phones, vending machines, etc., in order to enhance ease of use for customers.

Committed to providing quality service, the company acquired “ISO 14001” in 1999, and “ISO 9001” in 2005. The company puts its utmost efforts into becoming a truly “global environmental company” that contributes not only to social environments, but also to the global environment, in the future.
By utilizing its reliable technology and know-how through its past achievements, the company aims to provide customers with improved lifestyles, and preserve the environment for our posterity, while doing its best to promote customer satisfaction.