GPlus Media

GPlusMedia helps connect foreigners living and working in Japan through a variety of channels to help them stay informed and discover new businesses and resources. Their news websites — GaijinPot, Japan Today and Savvy Tokyo provide foreigners living in Japan with everything from local, national and international news to job postings and real estate listings throughout Japan. GPlusMedia can also assist businesses looking to better service the foreign population living within Japan through their marketing services, which include market research, writing, advertising, photography and more.

Founded in 1999, GPlusMedia continues to lead the pack in providing effective communcation between companies in a variety of industries and foreigners living in Japan as well as the essential information they need to make the most of living in Japan, thanks to their multicultural staff. In 2015, they became a part of one of the biggest media groups in Japan, Fujiasankei.

No matter the size of your business, GPlusMedia can help you take your exposure to the next level as they continue their mission of “Building International Japan.”