Coconoma Season Dining

Coconoma Season Dining is perfect whether it’s a get together with friends, a date with your significant other, or a deal-making business meeting. Feel relaxed and favoured in their elegant dining space while being attended by professional, courteous, English-speaking staff.

Open from morning for breakfasts until past midnight at their bar, Coconoma Season Dining, found only a few minutes’ walk from Tokyo Metro’s Roppongi Station, is a stylish, classy restaurant that offers some of the best food in town at equally reasonable prices. Breakfast consists of a salad buffet with over 20 kinds of vegetables, a selection of breads, rice porridge, soft drinks, and a special monthly vegetable smoothie. Their lunch menu tempts the taste buds with three different kinds of pasta, two different curries – a contemporary fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisines. And for dinner, where you can “wine and dine with chopsticks”, enjoy fresh, seasonal food and choose from a collection of 500 bottles of wine from all over the world.

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Tokyo, Coconoma Season Dining is a sophisticated yet down-to-earth place to experience a unique blend of Japanese traditional and Western modern.