Akasaka Real Estate

In Japan owning is much cheaper then paying rent. Akasaka Real Estate offers a unique approach to investment properties in Tokyo. CEO Erik Oskamp utilizes technical expertise to collate each and every property for sale in Tokyo. With initial investment starting at four million yen and gross yields of eight to fourteen percent, Akasaka Real Estate tailors its service to the domestic or overseas investor who wants to diversify their portfolio into a relatively stable yen-based investment.

Akasaka Real Estate understands the Tokyo housing market and offers the only database and analysis-driven approach to property investment in Tokyo. Most of Akasaka Real Estate’s clients are overseas and ARE is the only company to offer each aspect of their service in English. Please visit the Akasaka Real Estate website and click “Sign In” at the top right-hand corner. You will be prompted for some information and then you can request a password. Erik will review your request and send a password for you to access all the impressive data on his site. Then you can request to be on our mailing list and Erik and I will send you regular information on new high-yield properties available in Tokyo. Don’t forget to visit his WIKI page on his investment strategy.  You may also contact Ruth Jarman Shiraishi who is partner of Akasaka Real Estate to join the mailing list and keep up with interesting properties available in Tokyo.

TEL +81 (0)3 6379 9175    FAX +81 (0)3 4496 6230
ADDRESS: Calm Nogizaka Building, 9-6-27-801 AKASAKA, MINATO-KU, TOKYO 107-0052