We’ll all go home, someday.

In association with Sunset Creations, the closing of what was a very difficult winter for many, has brought along with it a new album from Japanese folk legend Masaki Ueda. One year after the crushing earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, those affected are beginning to move forward, and through their own creativity, share with us their message, their story, and their lives.
Masaki Ueda has communicated through song a preview of the countless other unique expressions we can expect from Tohoku in the coming years: stories of sorrow, stories of hope. While the 15 song album mournfully sings of lost love and life, which will only live on in memories, it has heartwarming and inspiring undertones that constantly remind us to “keep on singing together”.
Masaki Ueda's heartwarming album about the suffering and high hopes for a brighter future in Tohoku
Tozakaru Nihon no Uta (Furusato)
打ち寄せる 波のゆらぎなのか
童謡を口ずさんでいました2012年1月 上田正樹
The rest of Japan has shown tremendously inspiring effort and willingness to never let the people of Tohoku forget that we are all in this together. It may seem like a small gesture up against the mountains of rubble which still remain in the area, but letting the voice and emotions shared by so many across Japan remain in your music collection, and of course your heart and soul is making the best contribution of all.  [Amazon Link]