Phoenix Transport- Moving Maestros

Phoenix can handle any and all transport requests, but their primary focus lies in international household moves. When moving internationally, some tend to think that you need to cut down your material possessions, leaving behind unnecessary items, in order to start entirely anew when you get abroad. Well, this is a realistic option for perhaps a college student, but for one who is established, possibly with a family and a host of sentimental or expensive belongings, a more sophisticated solution is needed.

With Phoenix, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of your move. All of your things big and small, new and old, will be monitored with the utmost care from departure to arrival. Phoenix has been the definitive international home moving company in Japan for over 30 years, and they continue to make use of this experience to bring each and every customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Moving to and from Japan cannot be done incrementally if any reasonable price is desired. Shipping things bit by bit, and having to deal with subsequent fees and logistics of the Japanese national mailing system is simply not worth it. A reliable moving company is absolutely the way to go in Japan, particularly in deep and narrow urban areas with limited or expensive options for shipping (you will probably not own a car or have access to one immediately in urban Japan). Phoenix Transport makes it worth your time and money to move house successfully in one go, either into or out of Japan.

Box it up “as-is” 

For a variety of reasons, I have always had a very pessimistic and tedious view of moving. Calling friends to help, breaking down things so that they fit better into boxes, getting rid of unnecessary stuff, waiting for “that friend with the truck” to get here. I have never had a smooth time moving house. However, I was a bit surprised at the speed and efficiency that Japan-based moving companies perform with. Moving house is quite common in urban Japan, and even the most “lived-in” house can be moved easily in one day. 

The movers here at Phoenix will come to your house, and literally box everything up as it is, and with such care that no damage will come to your stuff. They have done this a million times in the most complicated and disorganized living situations. You really have to see them in action to believe it. Moving no longer has to be a huge ordeal. You’ll honestly be dodging a bullet by leaving the moving to the experts, particularly within Japan.


Next Time, Definitely Phoenix…

Moving into Japan can be a very tedious, narrow, and frustrating experience. I personally have moved to Japan on my own. I had about 4 bags of stuff, and I only began to accumulate furniture after I arrived in my apartment. Shipping things from the U.S would have been an option, however quite baffling and expensive. When would my things arrive, would they arrive safely, and would they be delivered to my apartment directly, or would I have to have them shipped once more from a port near Tokyo, or would I have to go pick them up personally? These questions gave me a headache to tell you the truth, hence I opted to simply avoid the process altogether and get rid of my furniture and big objects. Now, even after I am established in Tokyo, even the process of buying a new washing machine or refrigerator is a complicated endeavor due to the lack of transportation options available to me. Now that I am established in my apartment with a bit more money, I would absolutely use Phoenix transport to get me and all my stuff to my next living destination. This time around, I’m not really willing to give up all my bicycles, skateboards, tools, camping supplies, video games, cooking supplies, and furniture.