Sheila Ryan Hara


Nationality: American
Time Living in Japan: More than 20 years
Employer(s): Seattle English School
Current Job Title: English Instructor

Area(s) of Expertise: Teaching, Translation, Proofreading, Audio Tour Guidance, SEO, Blogging
Education: B.A., International Studies, Portland State University, 1992
Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The flexibility to try new things. In the past few years, I’ve spread my wings!
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Anywhere I haven’t yet visited.

BIO: Hailing from Seattle, WA, Sheila has been working 13 years full time at a language school set up by her husband. Since 2015, she’s branched out into other fields, such as Japanese-English translation and proofreading as well as English audio guide recording and SEO writing, all of which she does before or after classes. In her “free time”, she enjoys walks in the woods, jogging along the beach, or doing yoga with her best friend in Las Vegas. The marvels of technology have enabled her to develop her “nakama” and thus get so much more out of living in northern Kyushu. She also enjoys reading, appreciating and creating visual art and poetry, various types of music, coffee and its best friend, chocolate! Riding tandem on a Yamaha 1100 CC rounds out her extracurricular activities. She considers friends the real treasures in life, and has been lucky to meet many through AFWJ and the JI Core 50!

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