Beatrice Dittrich


Nationality: German
Time Living in Japan: 3 years
Employer(s): Forbes Mackenzie (Self-employed)
Current Job Title: Partner

Area(s) of Expertise: Marketing and Communication (from Strategic Marketing to Planning and Implementation), Sales and Key Account Development and Project Management as well as Marketing, Coaching and Workshops (primarily for SMEs, entrepreneurs, and start-ups)

Education: Executive M.B.A., Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain; M.A., Business Studies/International Management, Hochschule Bremen, Bremen, Germany; B.A., Business Studies, London Guildhall University/London Metropolitan, London, United Kingdom

Favorite Thing About Living in Japan: The diligence and dedication and absolute commitment to the customer still amaze me.
Favorite Place to Visit in Japan: Hokkaido with its beautiful nature.

BIO: Beatrice is an international marketing professional with many years of experience in marketing, communication and business development ranging from multinational and multicultural environments to SMEs with local outlook. Her industry background is mainly in IT, travel, publishing, food products, and services. As co-founder and partner in Forbes Mackenzie, she primarily supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs to help refocus and sharpen the way they portray themselves to their target market, creating a clear and differentiated marketing and communication approach to attract and retain clients. She is also an active member of FEW (For Empowering Women) in Japan where she served for two years on the board of directors. Having worked and lived in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, she has spent the past three years in Japan with her husband and child and enjoys exploring the multifaceted country and its culture. Beatrice speaks fluent German, Spanish, French, and English.

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